About AliciaKay:

AliciaKay is native to Montana, living most of her life in Missoula. At the age of 16 she was forced to drop out of high school due to debilitating brain injury. To cope with her overwhelming anxiety and depression she began to take her pain out on canvases. Unable to be precise, or elicit any sort of realism, AliciaKay resorted to highly obtuse techniques in her compositions. This can be seen especially in her works "Stubborn Bit" and "Silent Pain" where she uses aggressive layers of paint and items to sculpt the canvas's purpose. As opposed to the traditional, highly delicate, work of a paintbrush. Since 2011, the outpouring of AliciaKay's work has developed a style of bright, bold colors, mixed with three dimensional layering that she terms as "Aggressive Canvas Augmentation".

“I created my art, initially, for the purpose of distracting myself from the pain. It was a preferred alternative to other, more harmful, coping techniques. I would spend my time thinking of new layers to add to the canvases, and that kept my mind busy enough. Now, it’s become more of a challenge: How do I prove to people that no amount of pain and darkness will be able to kill off your passion for life?”

aliciakay.rebirth@live.com                         Missoula, MT